President Erdoğan Addresses Exporters at the Presidential Complex

President Erdoğan Addresses Exporters at the Presidential Complex

Addressing members of the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly during a consultative meeting at the Presidential Complex, President Erdoğan said: “Just like the July 15 began as a dark night, the dawn broke on July 16 as a morning which revived our hopes for the future.”

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan addressed exporters at the Presidential Complex and made important statements on a variety of issues including the July 15 coup attempt, his visit to Russia and Turkey’s economic situation.


Underlining that he is trying to share any important problem or development with businesspeople, especially with exporters, whom he said he considered as his companion, President Erdoğan stated: “Because I believed that we would raise this country on its feet together. It was impossible for our country to be strong unless the business world was united and strong. And today as well I would like to share the latest developments and exchange views with you.”

Regarding his first visit to the Russian Federation in 9 months the previous day, President Erdoğan noted that during the visit Turkish and Russian businesspeople gathered in a meeting with limited participation, and he further stated that they would swiftly rid the Turkey-Russia economic relations of current problems.


Referring to the July 15 coup attempt staged by Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) members, President Erdoğan said: “Just like the July 15 began as a dark night, the dawn broke on July 16 as a morning which revived our hopes for the future.”

Underscoring that the nation gave a historic lesson to those who wanted to take Turkey hostage and who wished to repeat here the scenes witnessed in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, President Erdoğan pointed out that just like all the other segments of the society, exporters also displayed a solid stand on the side of national will and the government in the face of the coup attempt.

“One of the main phases of the July 15 coup attempt was to bring down the economy,” President Erdoğan stressed, adding that businesspeople following their own agenda and people protecting the markets from losing their balance by changing 11 billion dollars foiled the game that was being played. Noting that he has two requests from exporters, President Erdoğan continued as follows: “My first request is that you tell your interlocutors abroad the true face of the July 15 coup attempt, explaining them that the Fetullah Terrorist Organization poses a threat not only for Turkey but also for the entire world. You might even have friends from that group. You should expose them. You have to report them to security forces. This is a responsibility of us towards our homeland. They will not be able to bring down this country; but we will bring them down.”


Stating that their agenda isn’t only composed of the fight against terrorist organizations, President Erdoğan stressed that they were working without pause in order to strengthen economy, especially to compensate for the shrinkage in exports and tourism. Sharing the export figures of the last three weeks of July as 2,1 billion dollars, 2,4 billion dollars and 2,7 billion dollars respectively, President Erdoğan added that Turkey’s total export over the first seven months of 2016 was 80,5 billion dollars. The President commented that current export figures of 2016 indicated that 2016’s total annual export would not remain below 2015 performance, and he continued: “We will work. We will work harder. We will take necessary steps in cooperation with the countries we go and with our interlocutors. Therefore the solidarity and cooperation of our ministers overseeing the economy with you is of much bigger importance during this process.”


Noting that they have come to the latest stage in works relating to the export incentive package, President Erdoğan, addressing exporters, said: “It is not possible to do business in places where we don’t set foot in and with people with whom we don’t shake hands. Therefore we will not leave any place which we haven’t set foot in and any people whom we haven’t shaken hands with. You see, the gaps we leave are filled in by terrorist organizations.”

Pointing out that when he designated the FETO as a terrorist organization, some people argued against this designation by asking ‘how come a terrorist organization is unarmed,’ President Erdoğan underscored that the FETO used weapons bought with the nation’s money against the nation, and he continued: “This traitors advanced upon us with F16 jets, Skorsky helicopters, ATAK helicopters, tanks, with all of these.”

Underlining that they would not leave any gap in the business world like in other spheres, President Erdoğan emphasised: “We will bring our country and nation to their rightful place by working harder altogether.”