Presidential Spokesperson Ambassador İbrahim Kalın’s Statement on the Sanctions against Qatar


It is with great regret that we have learned about the decision by certain members of the Gulf Cooperation Council to sever their diplomatic ties with Qatar and impose certain sanctions against the country.

At a time when the region continues to seek peace and stability and all regional powers are desperately needed to take necessary steps towards these shared goals, members of the Gulf Cooperation Council ought to resolve their disputes through negotiations, dialogue and communication.

As we face major political, economic and humanitarian challenges, including terrorism, regional powers must develop their relations on the basis of unity and solidarity as opposed to false news and rumors.

President Erdoğan has initiated diplomatic efforts in order to resolve this dispute between friends and brothers in line with the spirit of the holy month of Ramadan. I would like to take this opportunity to declare once again that Turkey is prepared to do its due over the next days and weeks.

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