Christmas Message by President Erdoğan


Following is the message by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on the occasion of the Christmas:

“I congratulate our Christian citizens on the occasion of the Christmas.

The lands of Anatolia have always served as a safe harbor for all who escape from conflict, persecution, war and oppression.

We, as the adherents of an ancient tradition that is based on respect for thoughts, beliefs and basic human rights, regard the presence in our geography of different religions and cultures as a valuable asset today as well.

This understanding, which constitutes the basis of our nation’s peace, security, unity and solidarity, is the greatest power we have that will enable our peaceful co-existence in the future, too.

I wish that the Christmas, celebrated by our Christian citizens from different denominations, traditions and churches in line with their beliefs, will lead to the strengthening of the climate of solidarity in our country.

I wish our Christian citizens and the whole Christian world a Merry Christmas.”

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