President Erdoğan’s Message on Eid al-Adha


Following is the message President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan issued on Eid al-Adha:

“My fellow citizens,

I sincerely celebrate Eid al-Adha and pray that the Eid may yield beneficial results for our country, the entire Muslim world and all mankind and lead to our salvation.

Eids are the days when the feelings of unity, solidarity, fraternity and friendship are experienced at the highest level. We should live these sacred days properly in line with their spiritual significance by visiting the elderly, making the children happy and winning hearts.

This year, we are celebrating Eid al-Adha in the immediate aftermath of such critical anniversaries of our history as August 26 and August 30.

We remember with respect Sultan Alparslan and his soldiers who rendered Anatolia our eternal homeland with the Victory of Malazgirt on August 26, 1071.

The victory we achieved in Dumlupınar on August 30, 1922 heralded the victorious end of our War of Independence.

We see the July 15, 2016, too, as a ring of our nation’s chain of victories.

We wish Allah’s mercy upon all of our martyrs who have sacrificed their lives in order to make sure that these lands remain our homeland and to prevent adhans from being silenced and the flag from being lowered, and wish welfare to our veterans.

We wish success to our security forces who are on duty right now fighting against terror, conducting cross-border operations and securing public order.

We are defending what our ancestors entrusted to us and the legacy we will pass on to our children with the struggle we are waging for ‘ONE NATION, ONE FLAG, ONE HOMELAND AND ONE STATE.’

We know that our august nation will never bow down to terrorist organizations, or to the dark centers that use them as a tool.

We will continue our road with resolve until we elevate our country above the level of contemporary civilizations in democracy, economy and foreign policy.

In line with our goals for 2023, we will make our country one of the top 10 economies of the world and elevate it to the level of prosperity and peace we had promised.

We only need to be one, strong, alive, brothers, and be Turkey all together.

I also pray that Allah may accept the hajj of our brothers and sisters who are visiting the holy lands for Hajj.

No matter in which part of the world they are, we should never stop praying for all the Muslims and the oppressed who suffer persecution, primarily for those in the Rakhine state.

I especially request our citizens to abide by traffic rules during their journeys for visits during the Eid because every single life we lose and every single family that perish in traffic accidents sear our hearts as the whole nation. Keep in mind that time loss incurred in journeys might be compensated but a loss of life cannot.

We should absolutely visit our relatives and neighbors, primarily the elderly, make the children happy, exchange gifts, and consolidate our unity and solidarity.

With the hope that the Eid is lived in the best way in all homes and hearts, I wholeheartedly congratulate your Eid, and pray that the Eid may bring peace, welfare and health to you, to your loved ones and to our nation.”

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