“State of emergency is aimed at safeguarding democracy, freedoms and the law”

“State of emergency is aimed at safeguarding democracy, freedoms and the law”

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said that state of emergency had been declared in Turkey under Article 120 of the Constitution for a duration of 3 months with an aim to totally and swiftly eliminate the FETÖ/PDY (Gulenist Terrorist Organization/Parallel State Structure) terrorist organization, which attempted a coup, and all of its elements.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan held a press conference at the Presidential Complex following the meeting of the Council of Ministers he had chaired, and gave information on the decisions reached at the meeting.


Commencing his remarks by wholeheartedly greeting all citizens and people from every corner of the world whose hearts beat with Turkey, President Erdoğan stressed that “Turkey has gone through the most critical day of its history on July 15.”

Reminding that a group embedded in the Turkish Armed Forces attempted a coup out of the chain of command, President Erdoğan said: “This group, which is understood to be members of the Gulenist Terrorist Organization launched an attack against the nation and the state with planes, helicopters, tanks and weapons. The Presidential Complex, The Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Prime Ministry, General Staff HQs, General Command of Gendarmerie HQs, National Intelligence Organization (MİT) compound, Bosphorus Bridge and various military units were kept under heavy attack.”


Emphasizing that his and the government’s decisive stance and the courageous stand of the nation against the coup attempters as well as the security forces’ effective intervention had foiled the coup attempt, President Erdoğan said: “Our nation’s resolute defence of their country rendered the weapons, tanks, helicopters and planes of the coup plotters useless. Our nation, who stood firm against terrorists dressed in military uniforms defended their motherland and future and thus wrote history throughout the night. Every member of our nation, from every age and walk of life, banded together against the coup plotters. Our citizens, who stood firm against traitors, continued their resolute resistance against the coup attempt till the morning and many of our citizens, while lots of our brothers were being martyred before their very eyes, exerted strenuous efforts to save those martyrs despite their own wounds. Thanks be to Allah, any person who feels himself/herself a son and a daughter of this motherland and as a member of this nation stood against the coup attempt.”


Expressing that the nation still suffer the pain of having failed to protect Menderes and his friends in 1960 coup, and the pain of once again having failed to protect the young – who were hanged with the understanding ‘one from the right and one from the left’ – in 1980 coup, President Erdoğan said: “The date of 15 July 2016 became a turning point when the nation said ‘stop’ to this evil course of events. An armed coup attempt has been thwarted by the nation for the first time in the history of our country. Turkey has proved its commitment to democracy and rule of law at the cost of its citizens’ lives.”

Pointing out that the gunfire opened by the coup attempters killed 246 innocent people, among whom were civilians, police officers and soldiers, and wounded 1536 innocent citizens, President Erdoğan wished Allah’s mercy upon the martyrs and a speedy recovery to the wounded as well as extending condolences to the martyrs’ relatives and the whole nation.


Stating that “as the head of the people, I am proud of my people without making any discrimination between political parties,” President Erdoğan emphasized that the people wrote an history of democracy by overcoming all obstacles and he added: “Starting from the moment we were first informed about the coup attempt, we worked very closely with our august citizens, Prime Minister, ministers, National Police Force and anti-coup commanders of the Armed Forces. Despite all dangers and threats, we immediately headed to Istanbul and displayed a staunch stand together with our nation against the coup plotters. The coup attempt was quelled before the evening of the following day thanks to the sagacity and determination of our nation.”


Underlining that they had convened first the meeting of the National Security Council and then the meeting of the Council of Ministers on that day, President Erdoğan said: “Following the comprehensive evaluation we made as the members of the National Security Council, we decided to recommend the Government to declare state of emergency under Article 120 of the Constitution with an aim to totally and swiftly eliminate the terrorist organization, which attempted a coup, together with all its elements. The Council of Ministers, in line with this recommendation, decided to declare state of emergency in Turkey for a duration of 3 months.”

Reminding that Article 120 of the Constitution authorizes the declaration of state of emergency in case of acts of violence aimed at abolishing democracy, fundamental rights and freedoms in the country, President Erdoğan said: “The state of emergency has been declared with an aim to be able to take swift and effective steps required to eliminate this threat against our democracy, rule of law and the rights and freedoms of our citizens.”


The President noted that our police, particularly those at the Special Operations Department in the Gölbaşı district of Ankara and at the Ankara Security Directorate, rushed to their duties without hesitation despite heavy attacks of the coup plotters and he underlined that “our police’s self-sacrifice is above any praise.” President Erdoğan added: “In a similar vein, our people will never forget the steadfast stand of our soldiers who firmly stood against the minority group that attempted the coup within the Turkish Armed Forces.”


The rating issued by the international credit-rating agency S&P does not reflect the realities of Turkish economy and this agency watches for this type of moments, President Erdoğan stated and he, referring to reforms in Turkish economy, continued: “Let me clearly say that in this process, Turkey will continue economic reforms without interruption, particularly as regards the incentives aimed at increasing the savings. Our Central Bank made quite clear and informative statements. I am of the belief that it will keep doing so. Our markets have no shortage of liquidity, neither will there be. The sensitivity regarding the functioning of markets in line with its own internal rules will be maintained within the framework of the currently followed rational economic policies. As I always repeat, we continue our march without making any concessions on our fiscal discipline.”

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