Press Statement

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President Abdullah Gül issued a message about the ongoing events in Taksim Square:

It is natural that in our country, which believes in democracy, pluralism and the rule of law and which is resolute to make progress on this path, there are different thoughts, viewpoints, approaches, comments and ideas about important issues. This is the biggest treasure of a democratic people society.

What is important is that we can discuss everything in a civilized fashion and that we can be open to dialogue and to all views. Reactions, in a democratic society, must be shown with common sense and within the framework of the rules and the law and in the way they will not lead to any misuse or abuse. The officials, meanwhile, must make greater efforts to listen to and respect different views and concerns.

The biggest responsibility that falls on us about the ongoing events in Taksim Square which have reached a point that makes us all worried is to have more maturity so that these events cool down.

Our security forces, while performing their duties, must take the utmost care about the issue and they must go easy on people during their interventions, not paving the way for any worrisome and sad sights.

I have discussed this issue with the Prime Minister and the relevant officials this morning. I believe that everyone will do whatever they can so that the issue can be put on track again through dialogue in the way it befits us without delay.”


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