Erbil Turkmen Delegation Visits President Gül

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Erbil Turkmen Delegation Visits President Gül


President Abdullah Gül received a delegation of the Erbil Turkmen people at the Çankaya Presidential Palace.

Proclaiming all of the Iraqi people to be Turkey’s brothers and sisters, President Abdullah Gül pointed to the unshakable bonds dating centuries and said the Erbil Castle is one of the most concrete demonstrations of these bonds between the two peoples. Turkey, he reiterated, wishes to see her Iraqi Turkmen relatives, brothers and sisters continue to consolidate their solidarity and cooperation with others in the country in the future as well as they have so far done.

Sharing their pride in being received by President Gül, the Erbil Turkmen delegation said they have strong customs and traditions and solidarity among the Turkmen people in Erbil and drew attention to the fact that Turkish businessmen have made great contributions to modernize Erbil, inviting President Gül to their city.

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