Gilani of Pakistan Bestowed Republic Medal of Turkey

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Gilani of Pakistan Bestowed Republic Medal of Turkey


President Abdullah Gül, receiving the Pakistani Prime Minister, Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, and his accompanying delegation at the Çankaya Presidential Palace, presented him the Order of the Republic Medal of Turkey.

President Gül, as an indication of the good and amicable relations between Turkey and Pakistan, presented Prime Minister Gilani of Pakistan the Order of the Republic Medal of Turkey. The President declared that Prime Minister Gilani displayed great leadership and statesmanship in a significant geography under very harsh conditions, adding that Prime Minister Gilani’s efforts are of great importance for both the development of the peace, stability and prosperity and  for the consolidation of the deeply-rooted amity and fraternity between the two nations.




The President noted that the State Medal of Pakistan (Nishan-e Pakistan) he was granted by President Zardari during his visit to Pakistan last March and the Order of the Republic Medal of Turkey that he has bestowed to PM Gilani are the two symbols of the fraternity between the nations of Turkey and Pakistan.

As for Prime Minister Gilani, he shared his pride in being granted with the Order of the Republic Medal of Turkey by President Gül.

President Gül hosted a luncheon in honor of the Pakistani Prime Minister after the award ceremony.


President Gül extended his condolences to Prime Minister Gilani for the recent terrorist attack in Pakistan, reiterating Turkey’s support for this country in her fight against terror. The President further mentioned the warm hospitality and great interest he enjoyed from the Pakistani people during his last visit.

When informed by Prime Minister Gilani about the fact that the first meeting of the High Level Cooperation Council between the two countries would be held during which some 20 agreements and memorandum of understanding would be signed, President Gül pointed to the importance of implementing these agreements and memorandums of understanding.

President Gül and Prime Minister Gilani of Pakistan also tackled several other issues such as developing cooperation and joint investments in the defense industry as well as the amelioration of the impact of the flood disaster that hit Pakistan.


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