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Welcoming Ceremony
Horse Sports
Honorary Doctorate

PakTurk School
Forum in Islamabad
Forum in Lahore

Great Enthusiasm for President


President Gül was welcomed by tens of thousands of Pakistani people with great enthusiasm carrying placards and the Turkish and Pakistani flags along the 10 km road between the airport and the Tomb of Muhammad Iqbal.

Horse Sports Performances in Lahore

Horse sports activities were held on the occasion of the President’s visit to Lahore where he was given an Arabian horse as a gift.

Dinner in Lahore Castle and the Opening Ceremony of the Abdullah Gül Junction


Attending the dinner given by former PM Nawaz Sharif at his residence were all the political parties in Pakistan, which indicated that President Gül’s visit to this country served as one of integration.

The preparation for the celebration of the President’s arrival at Lahore Castle, where a dinner given by PM Gilani, was also exhilarating. After the dinner, President Gül opened a flyover junction that bears his name.

Official Dinner and State Medal Ceremony


President Abdullah Gül’swas given a State Medal of Pakistan, “Nishan-e Pakistan” by the Pakistani President, Asıf Ali Zardari ,which remained one of the striking events during the President’s Pakistan visit.

Business Forums


President Gül drew attention to the sad fact that the economic relations between Turkey and Pakistan are not as well as the political solidarity between the two and commented as follows: “Now we are focused on the development of our economic cooperation. It is likely that our excellent political relations might have overshadowed the improvement of our economic relations so far. Such things happen sometimes. It is time to establish tangible steps towards optimal economic relations. We, as the states and governments, will lay the necessary legal foundations and framework for this venture. We will take on the projects that both private sectors might not be able to conduct if necessary. We urge you to enter the door we will open for you. I’m happy to observe that in Pakistan there have been radical reforms recently in the economic issues.”


President Gül informed the press members that they had discussed both regional and international issues as well as other tangible projects to realize the economic potential between the two countries. These projects, said the President, especially included the rail cargo between Turkey and Pakistan, which would be launched this August.

Declaring the energy issue to be one of the most significant fields in which the two countries would cooperate, President Gül also said his visit befitted the spirit of brotherhood between Turkey and Pakistan.

Official Welcoming Ceremony, Press Conference and Signing Ceremony for the Memoranda of Understanding


On the second day of his visit, President Gül was welcomed by President Zardari with an official ceremony at the “Aiwan-e Sadr” Presidential Palace. Prior to the joint press conference held by President Gül and his Pakistani counterpart, three Memoranda of Understanding on the Cooperation in the fields of Planning, Agriculture and Investment Agencies were signed.

Performance by International Paktürk School


After the business forum, President Gül watched a performance displayed by a Turkish school in Pakistan; Paktürk International School and later gave plaques to the Turkish philanthropists who had contributed to the establishment of the Paktürk International Schools.

Revealing his happiness to hear about the Turkish school’s two activities, President Gül extended his thanks to the Pakistani officials for hosting these schools and to the teachers of the schools.

Honorary Doctorate Ceremony at Quaid-i Azam University

President Abdullah Gül paid a visit to Pakistan from March 30-April 2, 2010 at the invitation of President Asıf Ali Zardari.

On the first day of his visit, the President attended a dinner given by the Turkish Ambassador to Islamabad at his residence and later met with the accompanying businessmen.

On the second day, he received separately the Speaker of the Pakistani National Assembly, Dr. Fahmida Mirza and the Senate Chairman, Faruk Naek and he then was welcomed by Pakistani President Zardari with an official ceremony at “Aiwan-e Sadr”.

After the national anthems of the two countries had been played, the two presidents had a tete a tete talk and then chaired the talks between their delegations. After the joint press conference, President Gül received the Pakistani PM, Yusuf Gilani at the Prime Ministry and attended a luncheon given by PM Gilani.

Granted an honorary doctorate by Quaid-i Azam University, President Gül addressed to the Academic Council and the students of the university.

Having attended the closing meetingof the Turkey-Pakistan Business Forum held by Turkey’s DEİK (Foreign Economic Relations Board) and Pakistan Board of Investment, the President also watched a performance by PakTürk International School.

President Abdullah Gül was given a State Medal of Pakistan, “Nishan-e Pakistan” by the Pakistani President, Asıf Ali Zardari and he later attended an official dinner given by his Pakistani counterpart at the Presidential Palace.

President Abdullah Gül arrived in Lahore after having completed his programs in Islamabad.

President Gül was welcomed by the State of Punjab Governor, Salman Taseer and the State of Punjab PM, Shahbaz Sharif at Lahore Airport.

The President later laid a wreath at the Tomb of Muhammad Iqbal and visited Badshahi Mosque. As part of his programs in Lahore, President Gül attended the Turkey-Pakistan Business Forum held by Turkey’s DEİK (Foreign Economic Relations Board) and the Punjab Board of Investment.

President Gül later received both Nawaz Sharif, the leader of the Pakistani main opposition party, Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) and the State of Punjab PM, Shahbaz Sharif. He then attended a luncheon given by PM Sharif.

After the luncheon, President Gül visited the Lahore Polo Field where he watched a polo match. Afterwards, he was presented with an Arabian horse, a horse bust and a bust of a polo player.

President Gül had received the State of Punjab Governor, Salman Taseer prior to the dinner given by the Pakistani PM Gilani. Afterwards, he opened a flyover junction in Lahore that bears his name.

On the last of his visit to Lahore, President Gül met with a group of leading opinion makers and representatives of the media at a working breakfast. He later left the city of Lahore for Ankara.

During President Gül’s visit to Pakistan he was received with great interest by the Pakistani people as he focused on invigorating the bilateral economic relations.

Among the delegation accompanying the President were State Minister Prof.Dr. Mehmet Aydın; Health Minister Prof.Dr. Recep Akdağ; the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Mehdi Eker; representatives of NGOs, academicians and a large group of businessmen.

President Gül had paid an official visit to Pakistan upon the invitation of the former Pakistani President Perwez Musharraf from December 02-03, 2007.


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